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The Company

Electro-medical devices and equipment since 1984

UNIMED was founded in 1984 by ROBERTO PADOVAN, who worked as a team leader at Siemens Medical between 1974 and 1984.

Today, after several decades of operation, Unimed has consolidated its position as a leader in the sector of health care technologies. With its many years of experience in improving the quality of life of patients, UNIMED is in a position to meet all requests for the creation of turnkey specialist health care structures in hospitals, clinics and health districts, and can rely on the services of its own staff, who are highly skilled in design and installation and in providing the necessary technical support.

Code of Ethics

Since its very beginnings, UNIMED has always been committed to full compliance with and respect for the cultural and moral RIGHTS and DUTIES of every member of the company, and has at all times worked in a professional manner, applying the values that form the basis for our Code of Ethics. UNIMED’s corporate philosophy is based on sound principles of transparency, integrity, clarity and truth, upon which to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust. The Code of Ethics is applicable to all those who work for or with the company, and complies with the requirements set forth in [Italian] Legislative Decree 231/2001. This ethical approach symbolizes our commitment and is the best guarantee of reliability for our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to apply science and technology correctly and wisely in seeking to give substance to our efforts to ensure the safety of the patient and the operator alike. We strive at all times to work with the maximum possible efficiency in designing structures and services which create lasting value, investing in the search for innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies and which are designed to improve the level of service in public and private health care, both in Italy and abroad.